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Advertising Options for Outfitters and Affinity Partners

Behind the scenes we have been working hard to establish our Agency both here in Europe and Internationally. After 5 years in the industry the last thing our Agency needed was an economic decline and we appreciate that many of your businesses have suffered greatly too. There is nothing like a bit of hardship to sharpen the mind and as such we have been busy behind the scenes trying to think how best to communicate directly with a very difficult and challenging target audience.

We have come up with the following strategy both in printed media and online and welcome your involvement and support for our mutual long-term benefit.

Let us explain.

Since there isn't really any mainstream publication in Europe that targets the International Trophy Hunter, we decided to produce our own and I therefore have great pleasure in introducing 'Hunting and Shooting News'.

Ours is an unusual concept and that is to produce and distribute a magazine completely free of charge, and in order to get the message out to those most appropriate, we have developed a unique distribution network of Gun Shops and Shooting Clubs across the UK where it can be picked up. This is supported by direct mail since 'Hunting and Shooting News' is the evolution of our in-house Newsletter which is mailed out locally and internationally to approx 3000 clients and members of our mailing list. There are currently over 8000 copies of the Summer 2011 edition already in circulation!

Furthermore, because it's free we have no reservations about asking people to pass it on to their friends once they have read it, and the inclusion of free competitions such as the current one to win a CZ550 Safari in .375 H&H plus knives from Cold Steel actively encourages new readers to join our mailing list, in fact it seems to have developed something of a cult following as it's A5 size fits nicely into briefcases, onto coffee tables and inside jacket pockets alike!

Because it is free, we have no problem with making it available in its entirety online either and we invite you to take a look at www.HuntingandShootingNews.com where you will also notice that we are tied in with Facebook and Twitter in order to ride the trend of social media and online networking. You can see what the magazine looks like and can even turn the pages online!

The other initiative that we have completed is www.SafariSearchEngine.com which has evolved in order to promote the packages and tours that we all offer more efficiently. Behind the scenes we have linked these two websites to our own Agency site where we can now add the packages from Outfitters and Estates that we do not currently represent alongside those which we do.

These will appear online at HuntingandShootingNews.com and on the Safari Search Engine as well as a selection of other hunting related sites that we manage, such as http://www.etosha-hunting.com thereby exposing everybody's prices and packages to a much larger audience.

This is what we propose for those who would like to work with us.

Firstly, nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd and that is certainly true of online marketing.

We would like to offer the opportunity to add your details and pricing, packages and special offers together with an overview of your facilities and services online when your details will appear in the 'Current Tours and Special Deals' section of the Safari Search Engine at http://www.safarisearchengine.com/tours/ as well as online via the homepage of 'Hunting and Shooting News' at http://www.huntingandshootingnews.com/home/. This will promote your company to a relevant audience while assisting your website in terms of its search engine ranking too.

In addition, if you have any client testimonials (which are a great source of publicity) that you would like to share or perhaps a positive hunting report following a client taking a spectacular trophy with you (such as Laurie Littlejohn taking a new World Record Rusa Deer recently, or Conor Miles and his 60 inch Kudu), then send us the details together with a selection of images and we will publish them together with details of your company, contact information and hyperlinks back to you and your website from the features section of Hunting and Shooting News http://www.huntingandshootingnews.com/features/ when we will also include a selection of those same images in future editions of the printed magazine.

If you have late availability or a cancellation which you're prepared to do a deal on, again we can add it for you and should your company offer services or products that you would like to promote with us, we have a place for that too and can easily include editorial in the printed magazine should it be relevant and if there is space available.

So to business then….

In terms of cost, we have already built the sites, designed the magazines and have the servers to host them on. We publish and distribute these at our expense and have an ongoing paid campaign with Google.com to promote all of this online, so what we propose isn't likely to break the bank….

Before we disclose any of the details, first take a look and see what it is that we have built and how it works, remembering of course that the Safari Search Engine markets hunting, Hunting and Shooting News promotes the Search Engine and our Agency and The Hunting Agency itself promotes all of the above, together with paid adverts on Google of course!

Each website promotes another and the more information we get online, the more benefit and interest there will be for all of us.

We cannot and will not offer any guarantees about how many people will read your feature, neither can we guarantee that you will get a single booking from it , but please consider that we have already invested our time money and effort into it because after 9 years of working directly with web-development and online marketing believe this to be the way forward for all of us. When you look online, you'll quickly appreciate how much work and money has already been invested.

The Magazine already has a loyal and growing following and we are just about to write to a number of selected manufacturers and wholesalers offering them the opportunity to advertise with us having already been lucky enough to gain the support of some fantastic companies as you will see for yourself in the current edition. This is available online at http://www.huntingandshootingnews.com/summer2011/index.html.

We have all had a tough couple of years but speaking personally, we're still here and still giving it our best shot. We strongly believe that we can all benefit from a combined and coordinated effort for the future benefit of our respective businesses and for the long-term good of the Hunting Industry. 

So how much will it cost?
As we suggested earlier, the cost for advertising need not break the bank because we have already spent all the money necessary in order to design and build the websites and we own the servers that they are hosted on. The printed magazine is something we already produce and frankly, the only real expense to our company is the time it takes us to upload your information and images...because of that we can do something very unusual when it comes to charges.
What we propose is something quite radical, and that is to let you decide how much you feel this is worth to you and that is all you pay*
Our Managing Director, Roo Ellis has spent a lot of time in Namibia, not always hunting but working on Cattle Farms in the North West, an area familiar to many of you for the tough environment and even tougher guys that live there. This is what he has to say:
"I have been around during veldt fires when everyone pitches up and helps, neighbour alongside neighbour, working for the common good. Some are very wealthy, others not so, and I've found that even those who have 'differences' with their neighbours, some of whom hate each other with a vengence, all pitch in together when petty squabbles and feudes are set aside until the fire is out.
It gets the job done and that's exactly how online marketing works best."
Some companies will have a modest budget or perhaps be sceptical about what advertising online with us will do for them. Others already spend significantly on 'pay-per-click' advertising with search engines like Google in order to ensure their details are displayed on the first pages searched, us included. The same is true with all marketing campaigns.
When you consider that your details will appear on the homepage of www.SafariSearchEngine.com and in the features section of www.HuntingandShootingNews.com, and on a variety of other hunting and shooting websites, all of which are promoted by a free magazine which can be found in literally hundreds of locations across Europe and online, plus is distributed to the extensive and clean database of The Hunting Agency (we call everyone regularly throughout the year to confirm their continued interest and to clarify their hunting and shooting needs) then the scope to expose your goods and services to those actually interested in them is significant.
That said, some people will consider this to be worth £25 , others will want to have their details more promenantly displayed and will be prepared to invest perhaps £200, £300 or whatever to make sure they appear first, others somewhere in between.
The choice is yours and you decide what this is worth to you and that is what you pay*
All we need now is the content that you would like to be displayed (the words to describe your facilities location and similar) plus details of your prices and packages. We would also invite you to send us up to 6 images to include on your page and we will add this to our network of websites.(*kindly see below*)
We will then send you an electronic invoice where you can pay for your advert online via credit card - we will be using www.PayPal.com to process the transactions which is quick, safe and easy to use and since we will be working in partnership with you, not only will we add your details online before charging, we will then trust you to make good on the payment in the same way that we welcome you paying only what you consider this to be worth!
When we said before that advertising with us need not break the bank, we meant it!
If you have any questions regarding this proposal, please feel free to call +44 (0) 870 872 0306 or email us via Media (at) Thehuntingagency.com - Thank you in anticipation! 
*Kindly note that adverts in the printed magazine come at a fixed cost since the production and distribution is expensive although our charges are still a lot less than you might imagine! If you would welcome our ratecard, kindly contact us directly, but if you're looking for an online marketing medium that won't break the bank, this could well be it! 

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