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Top tips for successful Boar Hunting!


Take a look at the News tonight and it will be a catalogue of bad news, it always is. Human nature seems to delight in focusing on the negative while hearsay and rumour perpetuate myth into legend regarding failed hunts to the degree that having shooting opportunities remains the biggest concern of those who have never hunted Boar before. As such, perhaps it’s time to share a few tips and suggestions so that you can get the best from your Driven Boar experience?

Firstly then, consider 300kgs of unhappy pork that’s travelling at circa 30mph while being harassed by nipping, barking dogs and you’ll start to have some idea of your quarry. Sure, some are smaller, many in fact, but ‘hope for the best and plan for the worst’ is good advice so a minimum calibre of .30 such as .308 or 30-06 is recommended with bullet weights of 170Gr+ (although 9.3x62 remains a personal preference!) but shotguns with slugs work well too!

The next consideration should be clothing and footwear. Most Driven Boar hunting takes place in Eastern Europe and Eurasia where winter is rarely temperate and -10 with wind snow, rain, hail and ice aplenty isn’t unusual. Dress in layers with a good quality waterproof outer layer and decent boots to match! When it comes to clothing it is important that it is silent and doesn’t ‘rustle’ or emit noise - and the same is equally true of you too!

If you have warm kit, gloves and a warm hat then there is less likelihood that you will be the bloke hopping from foot-to-foot, stamping your feet while breathing life back into your fingers, all of which gives your location away and conspires against you being successful!

Before each drive the shooting team will be arranged and given a ‘field of fire’ where each can safely shoot. Approaching the pegs should be done in silence while the beaters and dogs complete the loop before commencing the drive. It is at this time that you should make yourself comfortable in anticipation of the sport and you must do everything to maximise your chances of success. As such we have found a shooting stool to be the best way for hunters to remain still and quiet enough to get the best from each drive. You can munch a Mars or two certainly, but softly-softly catchy Monkey!

Once the drive commences, the first thing that is likely to come your way will be Deer and unless you want an unpleasant surprise at the end of your trip, ensure you know first whether these can be shot during your hunt and what the price is! Personally we suggest you ignore the Deer, same too of the next species that may show itself – foxes! Before you shoot a fox, please remember that any unnecessary shots will alert the target species as to what lies ahead?

One of the many reasons we all love to shoot Boar is because they are big, ugly, fast, dangerous and most importantly, very intelligent. A Boar has superb hearing and decent eyesight plus this is unlikely to be it’s first experience of man either, so if you give the game away through unnecessary shots, movement, noise and similar, don’t be surprised if you join the ranks of those who’ve ‘never seen a pig’!

Finally folks, remember to have fun. This is a holiday first and foremost and besides, you won’t find them tied to a tree! Your beaters will work hard for you and despite your Outfitter’s best intentions, the only thing that can really be guaranteed is that everyone wants you to have a good time!

2012 / 13 - Driven Boar Opportunities

For those of you interested in Driven Boar Hunting either now or in the future, this will give you a flavour for what is available and where. Please feel free to contact us for details of dates and availability since these tend to sell out quickly.

Hungary– Unfenced late sport in Feb 2013

We added this location last year and are delighted to offer 3 days for unlimited unfenced Wild Boar over a 5-day weekend in Hungary. Very few places remain available - only €2300 incl. comfortable hotel, meals, transfers and flights!

Turkey– 150,000Ha unfenced

7 Days incl. 5 hunting days in areas with dense Boar volumes. Board/meals/transfers included. No bag limit & no trophy fees or hidden costs, ideal for groups of 6-12 guns - €2295 / gun + flights 4-star upgrade from €2795 and 5 day package incl. 3 hunting days just €1999!


Bulgaria– 22,000Ha unfenced

2 hunting days plus 3 nights in Vitiniya just 1 hour from Zagreb airport. No bag limits, no hidden costs or trophy fees in very comfortable hunting lodge incl. Board/meals/transfers: Groups of 6-9 Hunters = €1850/gun & Groups of 10+ Hunters = €1465/gun plus flights.


Spain– Monteria Driven Hunt

Complimented by fine wines and fresh local food, our typical Monteria driven hunt provides for one ‘representative Red Stag, two females of Red Fallow our Mouflon plus unlimited Wild Boar. This is charged at €1500 + Spanish VAT and additional trophies may be added: Fallow and Mouflon @ €1200 / Red Stags @ €800, Red Hinds, Mouflon and Fallow Ewes @ €100, each plus VAT.


Croatia– Unfenced in multiple areas

Our clients have long enjoyed Driven Hunts over unfenced Croatia and last season saw some of the largest bags we’ve had! You can choose either ‘Rustic’ accommodation (dorm-based) or 3-star Hotel (2-sharing) at either €1795 or €1895 which provides for 3 hunting days over a 5-day period. No bag limits, trophy fees or hidden costs as always!


International options…..

In addition to the above, we also have Gaucho Hunts for Wild Boar on the marshes of Buenos Aires Province where knife or gun can be used. There is high-seat shooting in Italy’s Tuscany Region and moonlight hunts in the South of France. We have secured one of the top locations for Driven Boar in Bulgaria; Rozzitza where elegant accommodation is complimented by high volumes of Trophy Boar and 20-25 Pigs per drive are not unusual! Please contact Roo on 07909 888333 for further details. 

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