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Bulgaria Revisited

I had a lovely conversation with a Geordie fella earlier this year who was expressing his enjoyment of this humble publication when he exclaimed “I can’t wait to get the next one as I never know where you’ll pop-up next!” - Perhaps Bulgaria is such a place since so few from our Sceptered Isles have visited with a rifle or shotgun in-hand?

South of Romania North of Greece and bisected by the Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria offers the Sporting Hunter, Game Shooter and Driven Boar fanatic a profusion of superb hunting opportunities. We have visited this fabulous Country several times and are delighted to bring details of 5 of the very best regions for game and trophy hunting, the majority of which are owned and operated by the State. Significant investment in developing the hunting infrastructure has taken place over the last few years and in most locations guest accommodation has recently been refurbished to a very high level, it helps too that the hunting is outstanding!

In terms of sport, Bulgaria has a significant population of Brown Bear and while only 17 permits are issued per annum, two of our new regions are guaranteed to get at least one each (although demand for such generally exceeds supply!) I mention Bear first since predator hunting is a personal passion and if you’ve ever fancied your chances against Bears or Wolves, these are both available here together with Jackals Foxes and Wild Cats!

The Country is sparsely populated yet enormous and so much of the indigenous woodlands and forests remain intact where Red Stags of staggering proportions are available and very good examples of Roe Deer too. Wild Boar also abound and since this Country boasts some stunning topography I am sure nobody will be surprised to learn that Balkan Chamois and Mouflon can also be taken, Fallow Deer too. Most locations have hunting areas exceeding 20,000Ha with some as large as 80,000 acres, the vast majority of which (93%) is unfenced aside from breeding areas and those reserved for speciality species such as Tibetan Yak!

In terms of hunting, walk-and-stalk fair-chase hunting is practised and each region is complimented by high seats and blinds, many of which have been developed and constructed with Bow Hunting in mind too, in fact we believe that it is only a lack of promotion and direct visitor experience that has thus far prevented Bulgaria from becoming the European Bow-Hunting location of choice.

For those looking for Driven Wild Boar Hunting, again this is a superb Country to consider and our relationship with the largest and most reputable Outfitters in Bulgaria complimented by the support of the state-owned Forestry Departments have gone a long way to overcome any reservations in promoting Bulgaria to our clients. It is also worthy of note that while accommodation is superb, some hunting areas are better suited to smaller parties (8-12 guns) and therefore ideal for smaller parties who cannot raise the critical mass of numbers required for locations such as Croatia and Poland. The welcome is warm here, guides and interpreters enthusiastic, plus accommodation and menus have been a delight to experience on your behalf folks – it’s a dirty job and all that!

For those looking for Game Shooting, driven Pheasant can be arranged as can walked-up game over pointers and for those looking to experience one of the most challenging yet rewarding bird hunting experiences available, the Chepino Region set high in the Mountains boasts a significant and protected population of Capercaillie complimented by all the Countries other big game species including bear!

Please visit www.TheHuntingAgency.com/Bulgaria  for further information and loads of pictues!

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