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The BBC recently ran a documentary on the renovation of Cutty Sark following the unfortunate damage it endured from a fire after an already lengthy overhaul. Coming from a sea-faring family as I do, the history of this fine ship was of especial interest and I watched with admiration as the story was delivered covering the trials and set-backs endured by the Project Team.

In these challenging economic times, it must have been a daunting task to keep everything on track and it seems that had it not been for the influence networking and focus of Lord Stirling, who’s input and contacts went a long way towards raising the additional funds required to complete the works, the whole refurbishment may not have been completed at all, let alone in time for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

In Lord Stirling it seems, the Cutty Sark found a fella that could help, and sometimes in business and in life we all need someone like that!

Our business is a very simple one – first we find exciting and rewarding locations to go hunting and then we communicate that information to those that may be interested in it. Simple enough, but there’s a little more to it as I’m sure you’ll appreciate and as such I think it’s time to introduce you to our very own ‘man that can’ – Paul Regan and his company; Department 5.

We have worked with Paul for over 12 years during which time he has developed websites for us, shown us how to get the best from our web-based advertising, set up our invoicing and accounting system (SAGE) and has refined our CRM activities through the tailoring of bespoke software called ACT!

If you consider that our back-office systems record every email sent and received, records every letter sent, every telephone call made and is linked to a diary system where pre-programmed reminders trigger further contact calls and emails. This same CRM system is linked to our Accounting system. Furthermore our website is similarly connected to our Social Media activities on Facebook and Twitter and so now you’re starting to get a flavour for what Paul and his team have done for us!

The latest addition to our portfolio is ‘Tackleberrys.com’ where we are entering the realms of retail in order to supply high quality hunting and tactical equipment from 5.11 and Blackhawk as well as Cold Steel Knives and similar. Once again it is Paul and Department 5 that have delivered the website which is linked to a stock-management program in order for this to function flawlessly for us.

When times get hard businesses need to evolve or die and frankly it is very difficult to get considered, informed and meaningful support these days. You have to be sharper than your competitors, work smarter, be more competitive and strive to be ahead of the game. Paul and his team have allowed our business to survive and grow during this recession and his company is even responsible for formatting and designing this magazine, such is the influence that Department 5 has had on our business!

If you are looking for real-world assistance with your Business, web-based marketing, CRM or Accounting Software or are looking for a company that will make a meaningful contribution to your commercial endeavours, as I said earlier, I know a fella that can help with that and he’s even been out to Africa with me so he’s ‘one of us’ too! 

Paul can be contacted on 01452 234555 and his company can be found online at www.Department5.co.uk

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