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Welcome to the Summer edition of Hunting and Shooting News brought to you in association with The Hunting Agency. We are delighted to welcome some new additions to our team in terms of Melissa Volpi whose article on ‘The Monarch of the Glen’ can be found on page 37 and new advertisers in the guise of Air Namibia and Bangs Bucks and Bullseyes. They join our existing advertisers whose active support helps keep this Magazine free. Thank you all!

In this issue we bring you reports on new locations to hunt and it is our great pleasure to feature Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey together with our experiences in each location. There is also a new look at where to base your next African Safari from as farm-based Hunting is reviewed as we revisit the Etosha Conservancy in Namibia. The virtues of Shooting Club Membership are discussed which could help make issues regarding Firearm the possession of larger calibres less of a drama while also profiling a shooting club that actively welcomes you; North Cotes Butts in Lincolnshire.

Also featured are product reports on an excellent fast-acquisition rifle scope from Zeiss, a superb double-rifle case ideal for the international Trophy Hunter from Flambeau together with a wide variety of Boar Hunting opportunities internationally together with some tips on how to get the best out of your driven hunt! We feature ‘those damned shirts’ on page 36, Cold Steel Knives on page 13 and regular readers will no doubt notice reference to a new website called ‘Tackleberrys.com’ where you can find a lot of the kit and equipment that we use in the field too – it’s well worth a look folks, that’s all I’ll say!

Last but not least, it is with great personal pleasure that I announce details of our auction raffle and fund-raising activities on behalf of the Gurkha Welfare Trust. I appreciate that charity is a very personal thing and I have chosen the Gurkhas for a number of reasons; not least of which is because my Uncle Jim supported them during WWII while he was in Burma. Jimmy as he’s known is 93 and dying although the tales he told of these tough little bastards while I was a tadpole still live with me to this day.

Even as you read this, Gurkha Regiments are fighting on our behalf and protecting our Nation’s interests in a variety of diverse and challenging roles. No wonder their slogan ‘Help repay our Debt of Honour’ strikes such a chord!

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is a registered charity supporting those who served on our collective behalf. To start the ball rolling I have purchased a selection of Kukri knives from Nepal for auction and raffle (the latter to be drawn at the CLA Game Fair) as well as offering one of my precious CZ 416 Rigby rifles as a prize too. Further lots have been donated by Laminate Gun Stocks, Arsenal Ladies Football Team, Bangs Bucks and Bullseyes and many others, details can be found in the centre pages. Since so many of you have asked for them before, I’ve also offered a variety of our liveried 5.11 Hunting Shirts so I hope you all put your hands in your pockets and dig deep for this most worthwhile of causes.

I regret to end my introduction on something of a downer but while we have been distributing some 12000+ copies of this free magazine via direct mail and its network of Gun Shops and Shooting Clubs, the recent increase in postage prices and production costs is likely to mean that we revisit this policy. I’d love to keep Hunting and Shooting News free but to do so is a challenge which we continue to wrestle with at the time of going to press with this edition.

It may be that future issues are available purely as a download, it’s already available free of charge online at www.HuntingandShootingNews.com but we have not decided yet how best to deal with this challenge. That said I am already planning the next edition, that’s the kind of chap I am, but without an increase in advertising revenues or significant upturn in the global economy, it may be that it becomes available only to those that have more than just a passing interest or curiosity, and that flies in the face of why we established it in the first place – to provide honest, transparent advice and information for those interested in domestic and international Trophy Hunting and Shooting!

I wish you all our very best regards and hope to see you at the forthcoming CLA Game Fair where we will be found on Gunmakers Row as usual, possibly with some Gurkhas in attendance too, so please feel free to stop by and join us. If you would welcome further information on any of our locations or packages, fancy a conversation without obligation or a written quotation, please feel free to get back to me, it will be my personal pleasure to help where I can!

Weidmann’s Heil

Roo Ellis

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